Closing Shift, 2019, linoleum relief printmaking

Around 10:30pm each night I work a closing shift, I pull out the mop bucket and run the clean water on the floor of the cafe. After a few months, I started to notice the different patterns and paths created by the mop and how each night they differ. I began to play around with ways to move the mop to understand the markings that could be left on the floor with the water; I listened to the music that each movement of the mop made, the line width created on the floor with varied pressure on the mop, and the way that time affects the marks made, making the work temporary as marks lighten and disappear with time. Mopping became a new material exploration for me. Closing Shift is a linoleum relief print of my nightly route throughout the cafe, a translation of the mark making and play I find in my daily life.
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