A mix of radio play and performance art, FOCUS is about sound and silence, stillness and movement. A student struggles to follow a lecture, contending with distractions, thoughts, emotions, and the overstimulation that comes with trying to drown out the rest of the world. There's a kind of mystery about the light, sound, repetition, and geography of FOCUS, that leaves us wondering can there ever be, just a moment of silence? Will things ever come into focus? 
FOCUS can be viewed here
The Washington University in St Louis Student Life Newspaper review of FOCUS can be viewed here
Written by Shaelee Comettant 
Directed by Dakotah Jennifer 
Performed by Alexander Hewlett 
Cover Art by Gavi Weitzman 
Videography by Robert Babcock 
Costume Design by Sparkle Whitaker 
Set Design by Sophie Dinitz and Cameron Thompson 
Sound Design by Dani Sas 
Projection Design by Gavi Weitzman 
Stage Managed by Sabrina Spence 
Production Managed by Thomas Westbrook 
Lighting Design by Dylan McKenna 
Sound Effects from https://freesound.org/​ 
Teachers Voice: Thomas Westbrook
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